Distribution of INL Special Nuclear Energy Software

As part of our mission to ensure the nation's energy security, INL provides access to nuclear energy related software to organizations and individuals who use the software to advance this mission.  Access to INL's special nuclear codes are granted on a case by case basis, taking into account the nature of the use, export and security control restrictions, and other factors.


Contact Morgan Goody at:
(208) 526-4637

INL Special Nuclear Energy Codes Available for Licensing:

  Marmot, Rattlesnake

Instructions for Requesting an Organizational License for a Code:>


Instructions for Requesting a User Approval for a Code:>


All Users must be reviewed and approved prior to accessing code.  You should submit a new user request(s) at the same time an institutional license is requested (unless an institutional license is already in place).

1 Complete and Submit Form to Request Access for New User(s)

To initiate your request, complete a New User Program Participation Data Sheet (PPDS) for each code requested. Access is granted based on the intended use of specific codes and potential scientific impact of your project based on descriptions provided in the form(s).   

  • Download the New User PPDS form.
  • Follow the instructions and complete all fields with requested level of detail.  
  • Have your organizations designated point of contact (POC) submit the new user PPDS
    • U.S. citizen - provide CV/Resume
    • Non U.S. citizen - provide CV/Resume AND Passport Declaration Page

NOTE: Forms not submitted by the Organizational POC will be returned unprocessed.    

2  Wait for Internal Review

Once we receive a complete form, your request will go through an internal review process. This approval takes, on average, 6-8 weeks.  You can learn more about the review process by clicking here.

3  Obtain Access to the Codes

In order to access most of INL's special nuclear energy codes, approved users will need to create a High-Performance Computing (HPC) account. Instruction on how to create this account will be sent along with the approval or you can access those directions here.

Once you have logged in, contact a member of the code development team to be added to the access list of the repository (see SME list and links to team members). 

If access is denied, you will receive a formal letter mailed to the address on file.

In some cases, approved users will be provided with a digital copy and will not need to create an HPC account, depending on the code requested. 

Please note, all foreign nationals must have an INL security plan in place before they will be granted access to software codes. If you need a security plan, contact information for this will be provided with code approval.​

Once the HPC account is active, log in at https://hpcgitlab.inl.gov.  See the Bison workshop material for details,  particularly the External Users portion of the Getting Started section.

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